Seity/Kung Fu Workshop

Bart is a Martial Artist who studies both the inner and outer motion of the individual. He traveled to China multiple times to learn the ancient arts of Shaolin in a little village near the Shaolin Temple. Throughout his years of training he studied, trained and got inspired by a lot of different arts including Ba Gua, TaiJi, Boxing, Kashmir Yoga, SanDa, Muay Thai, dance and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also studies Analytical Psychology in Nijmegen. He teaches regular Martial Arts classes in Arnhem and travels around to share and move throughout the Netherlands.

His focus with Martial Arts practice is finding strength, potential, awareness and self-expression. The key for him lies in finding harmony in soft- and hardness, on both internal and external grounds.The workshop will give a foundation for structuring your body. Through different Shaolin exercises we will focus on generating power and speed as well as relaxation and correct breathing. The experiencing of martial movement through different exercises and games will bring focus and awareness. Both internal and external principles will be discussed, hard- and softness will be explored.