hear me to see you - Vicky Angelidou and Xavier Geerman

Artistic Research and Performance:

HEAR me to SEE you
Losing a sense can be frightening, but it can also open up a new sense...
This is an artistic research in which we, Vicky and Xavier (a Choreographer and a Composer) are going to explore how it feels to be blind and deaf. We close our ears and eyes and we see a new world unfolding towards us. Inside this new state of being, we try to create music and dance, while trying at the same time to discover a new way of communicating with each other.
We wonder...
How is it to lose two basic senses, sight and hearing?
How long can we stand this complex and limiting new situation?
Can we transform this struggle into a comfortable position?
How can we communicate with each other?
How far can we go in this communication by finding a new way of being, feeling, listening and sensing the energy of each other in space?