It is(n't) lonely to be on your own, alone - Kato Mergan and Clara Blass

What if you get placed in a white room? Totally on your own. You and your space. The space in your body. Your body in the room. The room in you. The walls, the floor, a body touching it but still not touching.
I am on my own - you are on your own. But we feel there is something connecting the two spaces. Noticing the outer world but not seeing it and (not) caring so much. We are floating around as human beings in our own space, in your space in no space. How can our movement change this state of being? How can we dive in it and make it our own?We are Kato and Clara, two dancers, makers and teachers from Belgium and Germany. We both are nature lovers, like to travel and dance wildly. We get inspired by many things; from books to birds, from people to material. We like to bring our ideas together to create something new that we love to share with others.