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28-29-30 August 2020 Jugendgruppenzeltplatz Fr

the first edition 

Begegnungen - Contwee Dance Collective
Begegnungen - Contwee Dance Collective

The first edition of  Dwarsdriewer toke place the 25th and 26th may 2019 on the Jugendgruppenzeltplatz Noer directly at the beach. We wanted to focus on the intense exchange between artists and audience. The common separation between stage and audience space will be dissolved to make art more accesable and graspable. 

During the day there were a large number of dance, movement, circus performances and installations to watch and several workshops to participate in. In the evening was  a bigger performance with mixed program of 90 minutes endurance in total. 

After that there were a campfire, music, food and drinks to relax and talk about the impressions of the day.

 Everyone was welcome to camp on the festival area because on sunday morning we were concluding the festival with more workshops and performances. At aproximately 14:00 everyone went home hopefully filled with new impressions and experiences.



Leon Emil Franzke & Hanna-Lina Hutzfeldt-Franzke

Post Adress: Leon Franzke | Rehwinkel 20a | 24161 Altenholz

Festival Area
Jugendgruppenzeltplatz Friedrichsort

email: ha-li-hu@web.de